Workshop Presentation Announcement: “Immersive Media Design Showcase”

The third panel presentation to be announced for the conference is a Workshop Presentation titled “Immersive Media Design Showcase” by Mehrasa Alizadeh, Amelia Ijiri (Kyoto Institute of Technology, Japan), Eric Hawkinson, Jay Klaphake, Angus McGregor (Kyoto University of Foreign Studies, Japan), Corey Noxon (Ritsumeikan University, Japan, & Lake Biwa Museum, Japan) & Kojiro Yano (Osaka Institute of Technology, Japan).

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Immersive Media Design Showcase

Explore augmented and virtual environments that have been employed in various educational contexts. See case uses of immersive learning design in various fields. Get inspired to experiment with immersive media for your projects.

This workshop will be a hands-on adventure in immersive media for learning environments. Visit virtual exhibits for virtual tourism, augmented stamp rallies, simulation sessions, and other experiments in immersive learning from our team of facilitators.

Our team will be hosting a variety of virtual tours, augmented games, and other immersive media experiences such as Kyoto cultural tours in VR, Courtroom trial simulations, mixed reality environments for hybrid events, and more.

Speaker Profile

Mehrasa Alizadeh

Kyoto Institute of Technology, Japan

Mehrasa Alizadeh Osaka University Cybermedia Center

Mehrasa Alizadeh is an assistant professor at the Cybermedia Center, Osaka University. She conducts collaborative research on the use of multimodal learning analytics to support learners in face-to-face and remote learning settings. Mehrasa is interested in immersive learning and virtual reality for language education.

Eric Hawkinson

Kyoto University of Foreign Studies, Japan

Eric Hawkinson, Kyoto University of Foreign Studies

Eric is a learning futurist, tinkering with and designing technologies that may better inform the future of teaching and learning. Eric is president and research coordinator of MAVR, a research group working in immersive technologies for teaching and learning, and more specifically, augmented and virtual realities in language learning. Eric's day job is at the Kyoto University of Foreign Studies where he teaches courses and conducts research on issues related to technology in tourism and education. Eric also leads a team of interactive media designers for TEDxKyoto. His passion project, ARientation is an award winning, free-to-use, privacy-by-design augmented learning platform to rapidly prototype augmented learning environments, also aiming to spread awareness of increasingly aggressive data collection models using immersive technology. Eric's other projects have included augmented tourism rallies, AR community art exhibitions, mixed reality escape rooms, and other experiments in immersive technology.

Amelia Ijiri

Kyoto Institute of Technology, Japan

Amelia Ijiri Kyoto Institute of Technology

Amelia Ijiri is an Educational Technology Specialist and Instructional Designer who received her Master's of Science from the University of Central Missouri in 2017. Her research interests include gamifying museums using Augmented Reality, Web 3.0, and online communities. She teaches storytelling using Virtual Reality.

Jay Klaphake

Kyoto University of Foreign Studies, Japan

Jay Klaphake

Jay serves as Senior TEDx Ambassador for Japan, and is the founder of TEDxKyoto, Japan's largest TEDx event, held at the iconic Kyoto International Conference Center. The talks produced by his team have been viewed more than 12 million times and translated into 40 languages. He is currently a professor and vice-chair of the Department of Global Studies, in the Faculty of Global Engagement at Kyoto University of Foreign Studies, where he teaches, among other things, law, international negotiation, and a seminar on innovation, creativity and leadership. He also serves as a member of the Kyoto International School Board of Trustees. Early in his career, Professor Klaphake worked for the United States House of Representatives, in the Office of the Minnesota Attorney General, and as Executive Director for the University of Minnesota Coalition for Higher Education. His research interests include Legal and Ethical Issues in Immersive Education.

Angus McGregor

Kyoto University of Foreign Studies, Japan

Kyoto Gaidai Nishi High School, Japan

Angus McGregor

Angus McGregor holds a Master’s of Applied Arts and Sciences in Global Studies from University of North Carolina at Greensboro and has been a teacher in the Course of International and Cultural Studies at Kyoto Gaidai Nishi High School in Kyoto, Japan for 28 years, currently serving as the coordinator of the course. He also teaches Model United Nations in the Department of Global Studies Department at Kyoto University of Foreign Studies. Angus is the Director of the Kansai High School Model United Nations, which held its 31st annual conference online this past June and is a member of the organizing committee for the Japan University English Model United Nations conference. He is active in the community with Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and UNESCO activities as the organizer of the ASPnet Kyoto UNESCO High School Committee, a member of the Kyoto UNESCO association, and also serves as a co-organizer of TEDxKyoto. Angus is always up for sharing good ideas over a cup of coffee.

Corey Noxon

Ritsumeikan University, Japan

Lake Biwa Museum, Japan

Corey Noxon

Corey Noxon is an archaeologist whose research is focused on the prehistoric Jomon period in Japan. His research interests include prehistoric population estimates, residential mobility patterns, and the use of photogrammetry and other 3D technologies in archaeological research. He is currently a senior researcher at the Ritsumeikan Global Innovation Research Organization (R-GIRO) in Kyoto working on a project exploring ways in which photogrammetry and 3D modeling can be used to estimate energy expenditure related to dwelling construction. Corey also holds a position as a special researcher at the Lake Biwa Museum where he is exploring ways to incorporate photogrammetry, AR, and VR applications at the museum in order to improve visitor experiences and increase the accessibility of museum holdings to a broader audience.

Kojiro Yano

Osaka Institute of Technology, Japan

Kojiro Yano Osaka Institute of Technology

Kojiro Yano was initially trained as a medical doctor in Japan and then moved to the UK to pursue his career as a computational biologist. After obtaining a PhD at the University of Liverpool, he moved to the University of Cambridge to work as a postdoctoral fellow and then as a senior research associate. In 2011 he returned to Japan to accept his current position at Osaka Institute of Technology, where he started to work on educational technology, particularly for STEM and TESOL. His current research interest is the application of VR to education. He is also involved in various projects to facilitate the introduction of VR technology to schools. His Facebook group, "Teachers' Tips for VR" is the largest group for VR education in Japan. He is a vice-chairperson of the JACET Kansai Research Committee and an editor of Computer & Education journal.

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