Why Attend MediAsia?


Networking Opportunities

Human interaction is at the source of all value creation, and our academic connections provide us with a community of knowledge. Conferences provide an excellent opportunity for academics to expand the personal and professional networks necessary for a successful career.

IAFOR's conveniently located conference venue in Kobe offers an ideal environment for building these networks. Delegates have numerous opportunities to connect with their peers – over freshly brewed coffee in the base room, at a forum discussion, in the sessions and workshops, at the cultural or side events, over lunch, at the evening dinner out, or on one of the conference tours.

Based on feedback received after the MediAsia2016 conference, 80% of respondents said that they were satisfied with the networking opportunities offered by the event, with 23% responding the networking opportunities were "very good", 32% describing them as "good" and 26% saying they were "fair".

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    Conference Venue

    Japan is a wonderful place to attend an event – warm, welcoming and safe – and Kobe is one of the most attractive cities in the country. Situated between the mountains and the sea in the historic and cultural heart of Japan, Kobe is close to the great bustling metropolis of Osaka and the former capitals of Kyoto and Nara.

    Situated a short walk from rail, subway and bullet train links, the venue, Art Center Kobe, is easily accessible from Kansai International Airport, the second largest airport in Japan.

    84% of respondents said they were satisfied with the conference venue, which is modern, bright, compact and conducive to networking. 39% responded that it was "very good", 32% responded that it was "good" and 13% stated that it was "fair".

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      Would you recommend this conference?

      87% of delegates who came to MediAsia in 2016 reported they would recommend the conference to friends and colleagues.

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      Overall, how would you rate MediAsia2016?

      94% of delegates gave MediAsia2016 a positive satisfaction rating, with 26% responding that it was "very good", 39% responding that it was "good" and 29% stating that it was "fair".

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        (Source: MediAsia2016 Post-Conference Survey Data)